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[23 Feb 2007|12:11pm]

[ mood | perky ]

Oh my gosh. Guys, how are you? I haven't been posting here since forever. :)

Anyway, for the benefit of those who don't know me, I'm Pansy. Well, I altered my character a bit, so I'm sortof perky. Heehee.

I don't have any problems right now that needs advising. I just want to say hi to everyone.

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Oooh! We got a letter! Fwee! [18 Dec 2006|06:20pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Dear Hogwarts,
I think I'm in love with my best friend.
I've tried to ignore it or move on, but it's been impossible.
What should I do?

Sorry it took so long to answer it! To make up for that, we gathered quite a lot of advice for you!Collapse )


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letters [24 Nov 2006|11:24am]

[ mood | blank ]

we are in dire need of an update...

so, please, please, please!!!!!

send your messages to hogwartschroniclers@yahoo.com


answers/advices would be posted here... ^-^

♥♥♥ to you who have kept us in your watch list for such a long time (even if we don't update that much) ♥

*hugs* for you all!!!

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*poke* [24 Nov 2006|01:48am]

Anyone have any problems?

Ask for advice from the HP characters. Owl your letters to hogwartschroniclers@yahoo.com!

Okay. That was shameless. But we do miss updating dearhogwarts. Hahahaha...


HP and the Order of the Phoenix: July 7, 2007. :D

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


HP and the Order of the Phoenix: July 13, 2007. :D
HP7: July 7, 2007


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Lett-r [30 Jun 2006|08:36am]

[ mood | awake ]

*does the Blues Clues dance*
We just got a letter! We just got a letter! We just got a letter! And we know who it's from! YEAH!

* * *

Dear Hogwarts,

I have a rather strange problem.
My little brother (he's 5) often climbs onto my legs and sits on my knees.
Normally this wouldn't be anything to worry about but a few months ago I broke my leg (getting hit by a car--in a crosswalk, ironically) so it hurts
very, very much when he sits on me. If I tell him to get off of me, he yells, "I don't have to listen to you!!" If I try to push him off, he'll go tell on me. And I'm unable to go get my parents, because, obviously, I can't get up.
Do you guys have any advice?

Regina Phalange

* * *

You sound so familiar...?Collapse )

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New letter! ^.^ [17 Jun 2006|08:22am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Woohoo!!! Finally!!!


Dear Luna Lovegood,

I am a girl who seems to always be left out. I try to make friends, I really do, but people seem to think I'm odd. I'm pretty normal, I think, for a thirteen year old, and I just want to have some friends. What should I do?

A Lonely Girl


We looked for Ms. Lovegood all over Hogwarts and found out that she was not there because she went snogging Neville in the Forbidden to look for unicorns, Merlin knows what she's up to we faced our fear and looked for her in that dark place. Fortunately, we heard *smooch* and rustlings and murmurs Ms. Lovegood talking to no one in particular and gave her the letter...


A Lonely Girl,

Hey, you shouldn't be sad... It is just part of growing up, y'know... Maybe you just have to approach them first, or something... And perhaps show them that you are not odd... are you eating broken glasses? because that doesn't seem too odd, y'know... Maybe if you're sleeping like a bat then that would be weird... wait a sec, that's not weird at all... bats do them! never mind them... you'll have to manage with your own if they don't want to befriend you... look at me!

Luna Lovegood


We thank you for sending letters... I do hope you keep them coming although we might not be able to answer them right away because of some prior commitments... Thanks again!

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*poke* [29 May 2006|09:07am]

Just to announce a new affiliate:

Our comm. seems to have dug up its own grave.
Care to reincarnate it?

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[28 Feb 2006|02:40pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

We're baaaaaaaaaack!

* * *

Dear Hermione,

I have also done semi-well at school but my grades have been going down. I try to pay attention in class but I just can't. You seem to get good grades so do you have any advice?

--Wannabe Smart

* * *

Despite her anger towards two certain pigheads who just can't do their own homework, Ms. Granger willingly answered your letter for us, since she had nothing better to do.

* * *

Wannabe Smart (who can actually be smart..),

You just have to manage your time. Try to identify the problem (why your grades are moving downhill) and find a solution. I think it'd be easier if you just kept on reading. That's what I do. And don't just read the text, understand it.

If you need any more help, you can just ask around for me. ^^
Good luck!


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hahah. [20 Feb 2006|04:19pm]

i almost forgot that im also a member of this community too.

and guess what, i havent posted anything!

and to think that i am pansy perky.


so here it is: a post! :)

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hello there! [10 Feb 2006|08:36am]

[ mood | will you allow it? ]

hello there, dear watchers! in behalf of my co-members and our maintainers... i would like to apologize for neglecting this site... hahaha! okay that sounds weird, don't you think? anyway, i was wondering if our beloved wotchers would mind if i, shatteredlife20, would post a fanfiction here... don't worry, it is still about harry potter and draco malfoy and some bunch of OCs... if somebody says "no, damn it, you can't post your pointless fic here!", i won't post it here... and i promise, if anyone says "sure, go ahead, we can try to read your fic then slit your throat afterwards because it turned out to be pointless", i would post it here... and i would let you know, of course, who on earth are the OCs involved... well, i'm looking forward to your comments!

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Ron Lover's Society [24 Jan 2006|10:38am]

[ mood | whoa. ]

Dear Ron, on behalf of the Ron Lover's Society,

Will you marry us?

With love,
The Ron Lover's Society.

Oooooo-kay... As it is our job to do so, the chroniclers went to the Gryffindor common room to give Mr. Weasley the letter...

...roonil?...Collapse )

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[14 Dec 2005|11:43pm]

since i have nothing else to do, i decided to pimp my other community, pottereggs i'm not much of an artist so it's not that good... oh! example!:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
also, check out potter_park it's amazing!

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[14 Dec 2005|02:49pm]

[ mood | quidditch!!! ]

Dear Hogwarts,
HELP! You see, for as long as I've been alive, I can't seem to shed this "dork" image I have. I have almost no friends, and I can't even remember what having a boyfriend was like. Is there anyway you guys could just poof up an anti-geek spell or something to cure me?
Yours Truly,
Distress Dork

As it is the Quidditch final today, We mounted our Firebolts, and a Nimbus 2001 for ebonietheweird, and followed the players in the field. As expected, it is Gryffindor vs. Slytherin. They were rather disgusted at us for disturbing the game.

Gryffindor hearts SlytherinCollapse )

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[04 Dec 2005|07:06am]

[ mood | thirsty ]

Dear Hogwarts,

I'm torn between my love for studying and my attraction to a certain redhead. When he's around, I can no longer concentrate on my books. He distracts me so much.

I fear that if I pay too much attention to this guy, I might not be one of the top students in our class! What should I do?

Freckles: A History


Errr...okaaay. We tried to get all the characters to answer and these are their replies. Mind you, they weren't very happy at being interrupted while at breakfast.


No ship will sink tonight!Collapse )


And we need more letters! ^.^

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Half-Blood Princess [28 Nov 2005|06:27pm]

[ mood | emo ]

Dear Hogwarts,
There is a certain Howarts Professor I... I mean my best friend seems to kind of fancy. He is very grumpy and hard to get close to. As his students, I thought you might know him. Like what are his likes, dislikes, habits, etc. Is he dating anyone? I am sure he is very nice to his students and tells them everything, disregardless of what house they're in.

Future Mrs Snape

after what seemed like 48 years of persuasion and having toput up with all the chroniclers' shudders, some of them finally agreed to answer the letter...

my, my... our chroniclers are so good at spoiling today...Collapse )

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A Campaign for a Spider-Free World [27 Nov 2005|06:16am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Dear Ron,

The other day as I was driving my car, a spider jumped off my rearview mirror and dangled from a web. It really freaked me out. I somehow managed to not drive off the road, grabbed the web, and threw the spider out of the window.

Do you have any suggestions for how I might prevent that from happening in the future? I want a spider-free living space.

Agonizing Over Arachnids

A multi-person responseCollapse )
[New Affiliates! They can be found in the UserInfo]

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Your requests [24 Nov 2005|05:30am]

[ mood | content ]

I finally got around to making your icon requests!

I see dead people icons....Collapse )

The mini-Ginny (wow! that rhymes!) will be up soon. I still have to fix her up a bit.

And if you want to request an icon..............then post a comment on my entries, so I'll be sure to receive them. XD

Also, apparently I don't answer letters anymore. I am the community's icon-maker now. Does anyone still want me to answer letters?!? I mean, no one really comments on the letters...ah well.


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dear ginny [23 Nov 2005|04:17pm]


Dear Ginny,

How _do_ you do it?! I mean, the boys hang all over you, and then you snag _the_ Boy Who Lived! It would seem to me that you're using a _different_ kind of magic these days! What's your secret? Our readers would love to know!


 Mademoiselle Millie Huggersbee, Senior Editor for the teen section of Witch Weekly


 After Ron shouted at her for snogging a yet another boy... A familiar looking one, indeed. The one from Slytherin with a bleach blonde hair. Ginny agreed to answer the letter.


Dear Mademoiselle Millie Huggersbee,

Hey! This letter is insulting! They should ban those who send letters like this!

Funny, isn't it? I do not know either... well, probably I'm just being myself... although I think I'm kinda selfish to just do whatever I please... and no, there's no magic used over those people... You might want to tell your readers to mind their own business to just be themselves... good day!

Ginny Weasley

[the icons will just follow... our resident artist seems to be very busy with updating blogs school... and the first line was a joke, okay? i do not mean to offend anyone...]

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Just some icons [21 Nov 2005|05:12am]

[ mood | poke. ]

I got hit with an idea, thanks to doctorfumbles and now I have a bundle of icons for everyone. It's what boredom does. ^.^

Comment and Credit!

Teaser: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Major Iconage, at your service!Collapse )

I don't know how many there are!

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?!? [19 Nov 2005|07:42pm]

[ mood | weird ]

Here's the mini!Draco for the last post. Heehee..we didn't get to coordinate. Use it however you like.

What would be better is:

Use Draco however you like.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry we haven't updated much. It's not about your letters, because honestly, i didn't think anyone would send us anything! I'd like to thank you for e-mailing us and all, but as of now, we're being too busy with school, and me with potter_park. Besides, we don't really have a lot of watchers or anything, so it's okay to slack off on this a bit. ;)

To make up for the absence, here are 3 Draco icons and a bonus, which I think I've already posted, so haha. They suck bad, I'm telling you.

*insert catchy HBP spoiler phrase here*Collapse )

You can ask me to make an icon. Please? I'm pretty much out of ideas. I guess you could do that for potter_park too, since I don't have a really good sense of humor.

We'll be back with the next letter.


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