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Dear Hogwarts

Unlocking the Mysteries of Teenage Angst

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Need advice? Want to let out that pent-up anger? Address your letters to the Harry Potter Characters and they'll answer them on the site! We'll try to answer as much letters as we can, though. If we can't, it's either the HP characters are too busy or your letter isn't worth answering.

Because there are really stupid letters, like those asking for financial help? Yeah..maybe you can address those to Draco.

Well, sometimes we'll make icons too....

Rules? Sure.
1. E-MAIL (again, it's hogwartschroniclers@yahoo.com), not comment, your letters. I mean, come on! Your problems as comments?! Psh.
2. Use aliases in signing your letters, but you can post as anyone you like, even characters not related to Harry Potter, as long as you need help, we'll give it to you. (cue: awwww...)
3. Letters we find pointless will be sent to the Giant Squid for disposing of.
4. If you want more than one character to answer your letter, begin it with "Dear Hogwarts" instead of "Dear [insert character name here]."
5. No hate mail. This is an advice column, damn it.
6. No hotlinking of icons! You know what this is.
7. Credit us if you take any icons, which are mostly done by ebonietheweird.
8. Never tickle a sleeping advice columnist.

[Oh yeah, reality check. We will answer your letters on how we think the HP characters would answer them, so don't get offended, especially if you wrote to You-Know- (oh, forget it!) Voldemort.]

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